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K Muay Thai Equipment Kick Pads use top of the line, genuine leather. This material is super soft and supple. Fighters prefer K pads because they give a non-slapping feel on their foot and leg when they hit them.

Trainers love K brand for their exceptional design. There are two models to chose from, single and double strap kick pads. Each strap has a durable metal buckle. These K Muay Thai Pads are heavy duty. A pair of the single strap pads weights roughly 2.8kg, the double strap pair weighs closer to 3kg. The single strap model is perfect for fighters under 90kg. Heavier weight classes will be better suited with the double strap model.

Single Strap K Kick Pads: 17 cm x 32 cm x 6 cm
Double Strap K Kick Pads: 17 cm x 36 cm x 6 cm