• How fast will I get my order?  

Will take 1 - 2  business days to ship, allow up to 3-5 business days to receive your product/s. For many of our product/s sold here on the website we offer free shipping with a code.

  • Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, but shipping rates may apply. The handling fee/associated costs vary by location. We need to determine shipping costs based on where you live. 

  • I need to return my order.

We cannot offer refunds for oil with the seals broken. If glass breaks during shipping, we are not responsible. For clothing, it must returned in original condition. It must not have been washed or tampered with. For gear, it must be returned in resale-able condition, meaning no visible tears, marks, and large dents or impressions. 

All items must be returned within 14 business days. 

  • Is there a restocking fee? 

20% restocking fee for returned items. 

  • Money-back guarantee?

Money-back guarantee as long as the returned product remain undamaged are re-sealed in the original packaging. 

  • I would like to purchase a bulk order.

Please send your inquiry via a contact form for more information regarding special pricing.  

  • I would like to host my product on this website.

Please send business-related inquiries in the contact form. You can also forward your request to muaydirigmaintl@gmail.com 

  • Wholesale pricing? 

Email muaydirigmaintl@gmail.com

  • How do I know what my size for shorts is?

Thai shorts are sized smaller to US specifications. Please refer to this chart for approximation. 
Size Chart