Shipping, Returns, Exchanges and Sizes Policy FAQs

Q. How fast will I get my order?  

  1. Will take 1-2 business days to ship, allow up to 3-5 business days to receive your product(s), excluding holidays for domestic orders. It also depends if you have paid for expedited shipping. For many of our product(s) sold here on the website, we offer free shipping with a code.
    *** DUE TO COVID TRACKING MAY DELAYED ON SOME ORDERS. WE TRY OUR BEST TO SHIP EVERYTHING OUT WITHIN 48 HOURS. HOWEVER, ONCE IT IS DROPPED OFF AND PICKED UP BY THE POSTAL SERVICE (e.g. USPS, FEDEX, DHL & UPS) any delay or changes is not our responsibility anymore as it is beyond our control and capability. We suggest you call the shipping company if any issues arrive. Thank you for understanding! 
  2. For International Orders: Shipment/Orders will usually arrive between 7-21 business days after it was shipped. If orders didn't arrive after 21 days, please contact us. 


Q. Do you ship internationally? 

    Yes, but shipping rates may apply. The handling fee/associated costs vary by location and weight. We need to determine shipping costs based on where you live.

    Custom and duties fees are the responsibility of the customer to pay, and it depends on the recipient country's post office to determine the cost. 


    Q. How do I return my order?

      1. We cannot offer refunds for Thai liniment oil with the seals broken. If glass breaks during shipping, we are not responsible however please do message us if this happens.
      2. For apparel such as shorts and T-shirts, it must be returned in  original condition. It must not have been washed or tampered with.
      3. For gear, it must be returned in resale-able condition, meaning no visible tears, marks, no odor and large dents or impressions and original tags must be intact as well. NOTE: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MANUFACTURER DEFECTS AS WE ARE A RESELLER NOT THE MANUFACTURER. 

      ****All items must be returned within 15 business days or no refund or exchanges will be given. Any order discrepancies must be communicated to us within 5 business days.
      Go to the Return tab near the bottom of the page, and fill out your request there. Thank you. 


      Q. Can I return/get a refund on sale or discounted items? 

      Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns or refunds for these particular items. We discounted these items for a reason, and we probably do not wish for them to be stocked in our warehouse anymore. 


      Q. What if I made a mistake on my order?  

      • Please double check your size, and order, and shipping address prior to checking out to avoid extra shipping costs and restocking fee.
      • We are not responsible for any errors made by the CUSTOMER in terms of inputting wrong size, order or shipping address. 

        Q. I need to change my shipping address... I inputted the wrong address?! 

        Please understand that as soon as the shipping label is printed and it is picked up by the shipping courier, it is out of our hands and responsibility to change it. We can only recommend to contact the nearest post office to where it is being shipped to, in order for it to change route or for other options.

        Please also remember to check both billing and shipping address prior to checking out in order to avoid this mistake. Thank you! 


        Q. The items I ordered arrived broken/did not arrive at all...

        Unfortunately, Authentic Muay Thai Supply does not hold accountability and is neither responsible for the damages or loss of the item.
        It is beyond our capabilities to ensure that the package is delivered in pristine condition, as we relinquish this responsibility to the delivery couriers. However, we do advise that you contact the respective delivery courier and/or the respective local delivery courier regarding this situation and file a claim. They would provide elaborate details about your package.
        We hope you understand, thank you.


        Q. My order should have been delivered already, but I don't see it? 

        If lost during transit, we can help locate but we cannot guarantee the arrival once the package is on its way.  

        If the package is lost upon delivery, try contacting the carrier. 

        You can help mitigate potential problems different ways. Here are some below...

          1. Purchase priority shipping. Priority includes tracking + $50 insurance for the package. Good for smaller items. 
          2. Purchase additional insurance. If you are purchase a large amount (for example, $100 and more), you can protect yourself in case of theft/unforeseen circumstances. 
          3. Add signature required. It will guarantee the package will arrive to the homeowner or someone qualified to receive the package. 

        If you would like to add additional insurance, or signature required please do email us at:


        Q. There is a problem with my gear/apparel! Is there a warranty? 

        When you receive your order, if there is any sort of defect on the gloves (that includes shorts, gloves, protection gear, training gear, etc.) please let us know ASAP, within 3 business days. We handle each case individually, and we will try to help you as much as we can.

        We can contact the manufacturer in your behalf but we are not responsible for any defect that is caused by a manufacturer/brand. We take pride in providing high quality gear. However, we cannot guarantee the durability/life of the product over time, unfortunately. 

        Inquire here:
        Or message us via Instagram.


        Q. Is there a restocking fee? 

        10% restocking fee for returned items (excluding items that are shipped by mistake). 

        Q. Where to return?

        1938 TYLER AVE. SUITE L
        SOUTH EL MONTE, CA 91733


        Q. How do I purchase a bulk order?

        Please refer to: Q. Wholesale pricing?  


        Q. Can I host my product on this website?

        Please send business-related inquiries in the contact form.
        Or inquire here: 


        Q. Wholesale pricing? 

        You can create a wholesale account with us. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page. Sign up, then when you are signed in, you should be able to see discount pricing for eligible items. 


          1. Go to Wholesale tab near bottom of website. 
          2. Sign up.
          3. We have to approve you. You can expedite your process by letting us know. Contact us via phone, or send us a message on Instagram. 
          4. As soon as you have access, there will be a new tab labeled "Wholesale" on the top left of the website. 
          5. Prices will automatically adjust for wholesale price. 
          6. No taxes will be added to your order.  

        Kaye: (626) 215-8364


        Q. How do I know what my size for shorts is?

          Thai shorts are sized smaller, than typical US sizing. Please refer to this chart below for approximation. Please note, the best way to find your size is to actually try the shorts. Sometimes, even the same size may fluctuate between different brands. 

          Size Chart


          Q. Do you have a store/brick-and-mortar?  

          Yes! We have a showroom, and it is open to the public. You can Google Map us. If you're in the Los Angeles area, come visit!  


          Q. Could I buy online, and then come pick up my order in person? 

          We are happy to accommodate every request to the best of our ability. Please let us know ahead of time before you order.